Music Saves III

"Oh What  A Feeling" 

Music Saves II

"Feelin' Alright" 

The Music Saves Project

Producer / Director

This series was shot one at a time over three consecutive summers. The original "Music Saves" was meant to be a love letter to the city of Vancouver. "Music Saves II" stepped it up a notch. "Music Saves III" took it home.

Working on this series was some of the most fun I've ever had in the business... and all for a great cause. We designed the series to raise awareness for VAMS - the Vancouver Adaptive Music Society. The project was funded by the good people at Shore 104. 

Contributions from Greg Northey (The Odds), and all the other musicians involved were beyond inspirational. If I didn't say it enough then, I'll say it now... thanks guys, you rock! 

The Music Heals Charitable Foundation

I'm their video guy

They're my favourite charitable foundation. 

Music Heals' mandate is to bring awareness to and raise funds for Music Therapy. 

Please check out their website (just click on the logo, or double click, whatever you prefer) 

Music Content Highlight Reel

Hit play and... well... it will play

Music Videos & Documentaries

Producer / Director

I have produced and/or directed over 100 music videos, behind-the-scenes marketing documentaries and EPKs for some of the best known bands in North America.

Some of my favourite music videos that I've worked on were for Tegan & Sara, Metric, Papa Roach, Carley Rae Jepsen and Marianas Trench. Documentaries for Jesse Cook (PBS), Seether (Yahoo! Music) and Art of Dying were a blast to produce/direct, as were behind-the-scenes doc's & EPKs for Nickelback, Three Days Grace and Tea Party.

I also produced and directed a series of music videos for my favourite charity - Music Heals - called The Music Saves Project, starring Jim Byrnes, The Odds and about 40 other BC musicians (videos are at the bottom). 

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Host / Producer / Director / MC

Music Saves

"I Shall Be Released"