Radio: Extreme 107 Victoria, Rock 101 & Shore 104 Vancouver

My broadcast career begain high school radio. I attended BCIT's Radio Broadcast Communications program before working at Rock 101 in Vancouver (on air midnight - 6am), Extreme 107 Victoria (afternoon drive host) and Shore 104 Vancouver (fill-in host). I have always loved radio and I always will...   in my opinion it's the most personal and fun way of speaking directly to an audience.

Live Event MC: Vancouver Canucks - 2010 Olympics - Extreme Music Series - Ted X

Emceeing live events is also a favourite of mine. Currently I work as the in-arena host for the Canucks...which means I get to go to the home games and chat with the crowd on the big screen during time outs & intermissions. During the Olympics I was the MC of Live City Yaletown for 16 nights in a row, introducing bands and clips from the games to a crowd of 10,000 people nightly. Good times. I've also toured with numerous bands as their personal MC, over 250 concerts in total, and hosted the Ted X conference in Vancouver in 2013. 

Pro Wrestling: Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling

I wrestled under the moniker "The Plagerizer" for almost 2 years. My character was known for mimicking his opponents, showing up dressed in their costumes and using their own finishing moves against them. MTV covered my entire wrestling career...and no, I have not ruled out a return to the squared circle. (:


I was born in Vancouver on a warm August day in 1980. I'm not sure if it was warm outside, but the hospital was a bit muggy. Raised in Richmond, BC, Canada, I grew up loving sports and music, and I always wanted to be a broadcaster. I also wanted to be a professional wrestler but I just couldn't stand wearing the tights. I can't even wear hipster-tight-pants (this is the sound of me counting down the days until flared jeans come back...again), so I stuck with journalism. 

My favourite sports teams are the Vancouver Canucks and the Dallas Cowboys. I realize both teams have a tendency for controversy, but I swear I don't like them for the attention. My favourite band is Pearl Jam, favourite instrument is the ukulele. I love the shows Dexter, Criminal Minds and 24...and I swear I'm not a serial killer (or any kind of kiiler for that matter. I killed a spider last summer and I felt so bad I had a funeral for him the next day. I invited his family, no one showed up). Oh, and I love the Muppets. 

​I am a father and a husband. A Leo born in the year of the Monkey. And did I mention the Muppets? Big Muppet fan.  


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TV: MTV - MuchMusic - Razer TV - City TV - Beer Money - Sportsnet/Canucks TV 

I was the senior host and producer for MTV Canada's flagships shows for 5 years before quick stops at MuchMusic & Razer. I hosted over 1100 episodes for MTV, interviewing over 3000 celebrities from the worlds of music, film, TV and sports. Most recently I completed season 1 of City TV's "Beer Money" (Sports Trivia Game show) as the series producer, through my other production company "Mom & Dad Productions Inc". In 2014 I hosted a special episode of "Canucks TV Presents" on Sportsnet. 

Corporate: Adlercast Films - Mom & Dad Productions - Insider Films - ODPN 

I  have co-founded 4 video production companies focusing on TV, music videos, commercials and online video content. I sold IF & ODPN in 2011 and still currently  work with Adlercast Films and Mom & Dad Productions. 



Host / Producer / Director / MC